It is two generations since our family committed itself to truffles, at first as truffle hunters, then in a more organized and professional way, building a family-run agricultural business in order to improve and commercialize the sale of truffles. Our truffles are grown in Tuscany, which is well known around the world for its beautiful countryside as well as its wine and food products.
illa Magna farm was born with passion for nature and its precious hidden fruits. It differs from other truffle commercial companies as its products are found directly with its own truffle dogs (Lula, Rambo, Luna, Dora) in its truffle beds, some of which are natural truffle areas while others are cultivated. Thus the quality of our products is guaranteed for our clients. Thanks to the truffle farming and the knowledge of the best truffle production areas, Villa Magna farm can guarantee the sale of fresh truffles all year long, with the possibility of organic certification, as well as a selection of conserved products.

The farm allows:

  • Direct sell of fresh truffle
  • Selling on-line
  • Shippings
  • Consultations about Trufflecolture
  • Events
  • Truffletourism