Photo Credits: Tiziano Pieroni

There are a lot of ways to define the Tuscan territory, especially the area comprising beautiful places, such as Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and Volterra: harmonious, emotional, authentic, pure, sincere, to-be-discovered. Every journey is unique, as much as every step, every destination, every path twisting and turning behind the typical hill slopes, calm and a bit mysterious. In Tuscany everyone can find what is looking for: adventure, relax, sport path, but the only element associate to every single holyday is emotion, the typical emotion to discover step by step an authentic territory where traditions are radicated and strongly live, adapting themselves to the current times without lose their intrinsic charm. Here every forward step is a little jump in the past times: what we are offering to you is the possibility to live original experiences to discover the area, to know it and appreciate it in the same way that just a real Tuscan person is able to do.

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