“Soavis locus ille” (that pleasing place)

This is how Romans described the hills around Siena, that Etruscans first cultivated. Nowadays it’s still a pleasing land, inhabited by people how truly care about respect for nature. Here is where the Fresco Bianco farm found the perfect habit for its cows and calfs, according to three priciples:

  • only vegetal products for animals’ nutrition: their nutrition quality is the first important thing
  • the areas dedicated to cows and calfs are always looked after: to guarantee animals’ wellbeing
  • phytotherapeutic treatment in rare illness cases

The range of products comprehends: self-service fresh milk (by authomatic machines), fresh cheese naturally reach of omega3, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, meat. The processing of milk and derivatives and ragu (the typical Italin meat sauce) are realized by expert people.

Milk machines are setted in:

  • località la Tognazza, Monteriggioni
  • Piazza Scala, Colle Val d’Elsa