San Gimignano remains one of Tuscany’s quintessential medieval hill towns, with its magical silhouette of 14 towers which can be viewed from miles away. San Gimignano is a delight to explore on foot. Inside you will discover romantic squares, experience astounding panoramic views from its ancient walls and towers, and taste the marvelous food in its rustic restaurants.
Get married in San Gimignano means to have the opportunity to celebrate your wedding at Palazzo Comunale, also known as the Palazzo del Popolo or Palazzo Nuovo del Podestà, which is located in Piazza del Duomo alongside the Cathedral, or Collegiata, and houses the “historical” venue of the Musei Civici of San Gimignano.

The first floor is the location of the Sala del Consiglio (Council Room), also known as the Sala Dante, so called in recollection of the Florentine poet’s visit in 1299 as the ambassador of the Guelph League. The room exhibits a famous, late thirteenth-century fresco cycle (1290 circa) depicting tournaments of knights and hunting scenes dedicated to Charles of Anjou who is depicted enthroned on the wall opposite the entrance, as several personages render homage to him with the gift of a falcon. The paintings are attributed to Florentine painter Azzo di Masetto. On the right wall is the Madonna in Maestà that Lippo Memmi painted in 1317.