We offer the unique possibility of celebrating a wedding after the Carolingian Age ritual, living a full immersion in the past, accompanied by archaeologists who have been studying and telling the Middle Ages for years. These events take place in an atmosphere which will leave vivid and unforgettable memories in the mind of the participants, a very distinctive way o sealing up your love dream.
The Carolingian Age wedding consists of a basic offer, with a set of services which we reckon to be crucial and essential in order to organize a successful and splendid historical event. A number of additional activities and services have been thought to make the wedding even more magnificent, increasing the emotional and immersive impact of the experience we are proposing.
Our basic offer includes the setting of the village with its inhabitants (the landlord with all his serfs, the priest, external guests like the money-coiner or the nearby landlords of Longobard origin). A jester will entertain the guests with his stories and jokes, often interacting with the priest who’s always ready to moralize on everything. The table service will be carried out by the same villagers, perfectly respecting the atmosphere of a Carolingian feast.
The ceremony will be officiated in “latinorum” (a corrupted and easy to understand version of the Latin language) by the priest of the village or, alternatively, by the dominus (landlord) or by Gottfred the Wise and Learned (these are all public officials, authorized to celebrate civil weddings).
In detail, the basic offer includes:
• cultural operators in a historical dress, playing the part of the villagers;
• a jester, animating the whole day;
• table service by operators in historical dress;
• rental of historical dresses for the bride, the groom, their parents and the wedding witnesses;
• rental of historical dresses for all children attending the event;
• animation and historical games for children.
We offer optional services a number of additional and optional services which can make the wedding experience even more immersive. Among them:
• personalized medieval style wedding favors;
• purchase of the historical dresses for the bride, the groom and everyone else who wishes to have them (the garments will be personally tailored, providing a choice with respect to colors and patterns);
• rental of historical dresses for guests;
• Medieval musicians and dancers to create an even more cheerful atmosphere;
• rental of horses for the bride, the groom and other important guests;
• photographic service by Camillo Balossini, a professional photographer who specializes in living history and re-enactment events;
• tensile structure to be mounted on the parade ground of the fortress citadel (the “Cassero”), especially in case of bad weather forecasts.