The Park of the Medici Fortress of Poggio Imperiale is home to an innovative public archaeology project: the construction of Italy’s first open air archaeology museum devoted to the early Middle Ages. Here, history comes alive, guaranteeing an engaging journey into the past where scientific accuracy is inextricably bound to the simplicity and immediacy of visual and interactive communication.

The museum recreates a life-size village centre from the 9th century, based on reenactment or living history. The reenactors are the archaeologists who conducted the excavations, whose historical, archaeological and iconographical research enabled them to reproduce the clothing, tools and dwellings from the time. In period costume, they create the small community of farmers and craftsmen who, around the large manor house, carry out their duties in accordance with the orders of their master.

So by just walking in the area around the Cassero and the Fortress, you can meet the real inhabitants of Poggio Bonizio: Guido Guerra, the founder of Poggio Bonizio, Scotto di Boncompagno, the wealthy notary and influential figure in the Poggibonsi of the 1200s, as well as craftsmen, merchants, travellers, monks, pilgrims, mercenaries and soldiers who passed through Poggio Bonizio as they travelled along the Via Francigena.