Zero-T – DOTS, 2016
HP Hospital Burresi


Paolo Capezzuoli, whose artistical name is Zero-T, is an artist from Poggibonsi internationally well-known.
He already has collected a lot of works and collaborations, included the art direction of the 25th Anniversary of Slam Jam; in 2015 he attended to the Bridges of Graffit at the Biennale di Venezia.
To celebrate the last day of the year, Zero-T wanted to give to his city a new mural as a present: a wich of pace and hope for the future years. He said:

I wrote the word “Peace” because it’s needed. Everyone needs to read it, in a public place where people walks for plasure or duty. I wrote the word “Peace” because the war and the hate destroy the universe, and I wrote it big and with elemental colors, with a simple and strong font. I wrote it bigger than me, I would shout it but I don’t have such a big voice as much big is the word I wrote.