That which is today’s town centre was the ancient “Borgo Marturi”, a holding of the abbey and of the Marturi castle, already established in the XII century. Its position is in fact enviable, being an unavoidable point of passage for the pilgrims on the Via Francigena, on their way to Rome, as well as a zone of boundary between the states of Florence, Siena and Volterra. Its enviable position was obviously at the cost of peace, as on many occasions the three cities didn’t hesitate in resorting to violence in order to take possession of the village. For example, in 1115, the Florentines attacked and destroyed the Marturi castle.


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Such an event convinced Count Guido dei Guidi to build a new city, on the “Podium Bonitii” (Poggio di Bonizio), reserving possession of a part of this for the Siennese. The new castle took the name of “Poggiobonizi”, and fastly became a proper city. It can be missed to visit the Town Hall and the Palazzo Pretorio, historical buildings of the city, and the Romanic churches.


CURIOSITY: “Pogginbonsi” is also the name of a song composed by Franco Battiato, one of the most famous italian musicians.



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