Mr Thoms – DOTS, 2015
Pedestrian Tunnel of the Station

Diego Della Posta, artistically known as Mr. Thoms, is an Italian artist.
Mr. Thom is a multifaceted artist in balance between street art style and graffiti style who offers a personal performance of contemporaneity. He is stimulated by cubical forms and his work takes inspiration by fantasist movies, by surrealism and by the comics’ universe, from which takes the espression modalities and makes them richer by personalization: all of this can be seen in the stylistic colours form that give strongness to the message.
In his artworks Mr. Thom uses a well-distinguishable trajectory, always versatile, always reaching for balance between inside feelings and expressive concept. Everything in his works is fulfilled by mockery for ourselves, victims of the system. A kind of street art that does not follow a type and is not under the rules of unbending visual systems, and express the most authentic part of this current times.