At Monteriggioni Castle, thanks to centuries of tradition and over 20 years’ experience in organizing historical re-enactments, your wedding ceremony will feel like stepping back in time.

Detailed historical research into period clothing, historical ceremonies and traditional musical instruments, along with the natural architectural splendor of the castle and its towers make getting married here a 360° experience for the whole wedding party – all of whom get a glimpse into medieval life in the Tuscan town.

We provide medieval clothing for the bride, groom and all their guests, and ensure each person is dressed for a specific historical ceremonial role. We set our weddings in the 12th century, a period when the castle was at its most influential historically. Couples exchange vows within the castle walls, in a splendid location with a view across the surrounding valleys – one of the region’s most beautiful settings.

Ceremonies follow historical tradition: the groom waits for the bride, who is accompanied through the town by a colorful procession including musicians, dancers and young women dressed in white who scatter petals along the route. When the bride arrives, the ceremonial official begins the proceedings, which include medieval music played on traditional antique instruments to highlight the most significant moments. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom are presented with a medieval wedding scroll. Finally, the couple are accompanied by a procession of medieval drummers from Monteriggioni who lead them around the town and its many pretty cobbled streets. This marks the beginning of the wedding celebrations, which might include jesters, music and dance.