Rocca di Staggia is between Poggibonsi and Monteriggioni, on the Via Francigena pilgrims’ way. Its fort dates to the year 994 when it was home to the noble Soarzi family, who went on to become some of most powerful feudal lords in the Valdelsa region. They played an important role in the historic battles that raged between Florence and Siena, as their land was on the border of the two great Tuscan rivals. Rocca di Staggia was at its most powerful and glorious in the 12th century; in the 13th century a small town began to grow around the fort due to increasing trade and movement along the nearby Via Francigena. At the end of the 13th century, the wealthy Franzesi family (originally from the ValdarnoSupreriore) bought the castleand carried out a series of renovations and extensions.

The castle is privately owned and is run by the Rocca di Staggia Foundation, which keep it open to the public 365 days a year.