Elisabetta, wedding planner in Tuscany, will support you with her ten-year experience and plan with you every single step of your wedding.
Special Days will suggest to you the most charming locations to make your dreams come true. Tuscany is known for its beautiful landscapes, its artistic and cultural heritage, its mild Mediterranean weather, and its culinary tradition.

According to your preferences and creed, we can arrange different types of wedding ceremonies for your marriage in Tuscany, from a Civil or Religious Ceremony, to a Symbolic Wedding. Your Wedding Ceremony can be set in old traditional buildings and Churches among the finest Italian art masterpieces. If you prefer an outdoor ceremony, the beautiful Tuscan landscapes will be the perfect setting for your Italy wedding. Details are important when you are planning the most special day of your life… Elisabetta, your wedding planner, will be pleased to offer you her ten-year experience and attentive assistance to suggest to you the best providers in the area. Paperwork, accommodation, catering, music, flowers, video and photo service, hairstyling and make-up…. Down to the last details, your wedding will be absolutely perfect and exactly as you have always dreamed.

The wedding in Tuscany will be an exciting experience not only for the bride and the groom, but for all the guests who are sharing with them the magic atmosphere of an event in this much sought after region. Tuscany is famous all over the world for its art treasures, beautiful landscapes, and culinary tradition, and your wedding guests must not miss the occasion to get in touch with all this. Let us take care of you and your guests to make your wedding day unforgettable for everyone: we can offer you custom-size tours to experience our beautiful territory.

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