The city of Volterra and its rounding landscapes probably are one of the most diversified and full of attractions sites in Tuscany. Historical tradition and wonderful nature mix each others to create a huge legacy of natural beauty.
The historical origins of Volterra are related to Etruscan population, while the 9th century left a lot of monuments and artworks, that can be admire simply walking by the city streets or visiting the many museums Volterra has, such as the Etruscan Museum, the Civil Art Gallery, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Ecomuseum of Alabaster.
Among all this monuments you can find a pure landscape, a high life-quality and an artistic handicraft.
Volterra’s city walls conserved an original Etruscan part, and its Town Hall is the oldest in the whole Tuscany: Palazzo dei Priori was built is 13th century by the order of Count Ildebrando Pannocchieschi.
Around the city, the “Balze” create evocative natural geometries, to be seen and to be photographed.

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CURIOSITIES: two legends are told around Volterra’s origins: one says that the city was estableshed during the age of the city of Troy, the other one narrates that its foundation was taken back to Noah and Janus, a know character in Etruscan culture.

More, the Newmoon movie was shot in Volterra.


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