“At the end of the ’80s I was close to the 18 years and, near at school end, my father asked me about my future programmes. More clearly: “are you going to work somewhere or stay here with us?”. I sayd that maybe I could have some satisfactions working on my own, but I would also be very happy to stay with my family and work in the farm with them. Thinking to that today sometimes I say to myself: such a fool!

[…] Marco

“Il Ciliegio” farm extended itself in lands and buildings. It started from 10 hectars of vineyang and now almost 4000 quintals of grape are produted and processed, with the aim of the modern techniques, alway with the respect of the best taditional practices; a wide range of wines, grappas and liqueurs, a little wood of excellent products in which you will be led through samplings.