If we move away from the center of Volterra for a moment and shift our focus from Piazza dei Priori and the Duomo, we suddenly realize that the rest of the city is also infinitely surprising. We want to show you the lesser known and more authentic side of Volterra, away from the usual heaving tourist crowds. This is a journey through history, nature, culture and a city whose charm dates to ancient Etruscan times. Our tour begins at Porta San Francesco and heads down to the medieval towns of Santo Stefano and San Giusto, all the way to the Etruscan walls (4th century BC) that surround the city’s famous Balze. We now walk down a short way along the road, before taking a stroll through the charming town of Montebradoni and ending up in the BadiaCarmaldolese, which was abandoned over 100 years ago. With us, you will get to know the real Volterra, its origins, legends and wonderful surrounding countryside. We are available for tours all year, by advance booking only at weekends. Children 12 years and over are welcome, as well as anyone able to walk for approx. 2 hours on rough and steep tracks. We advise clothing suitable for walking in the country, including walking shoes or boots and long trousers.


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