La Deposizione is a painting with an intriguing and mysterious history. We want to take you back in time to the Reinassance when this work of art by Rosso Fiorentino was painted in 1521. It is one of the world’s most famous and controversial Mannerist paintings. Today, many art historians say that this painting introduced many principles of Modern Art, centuries ahead of its time.

Our tour takes you around all the places the painting lived, and its also a great way to explore magical Volterra – including many lesser-known areas. We begin our journey at the Cappella della Croce di Giorno inside the town’s San Francesco church, which is famous for wonderful frescoes. La Deposizione was housed here until 1788. We then move on to the Chappella di San Carlo inside the town’s cathedral where the painting was housed until it was moved to its current location in the Pinacoteca di Volterra. Here, in front of the painting, we will study the connections between La Deposizione and pieces of art from the following centuries – which also help understand why the painting is considered a forerunner of modern art.

This tour takes around two hours and we advise to wear clothing suitable for the religious locations.


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