Marco Valenti is Professor of Medieval Archaeology at the University of Siena and an important figure in the international scientific community. He directed the excavations at PoggioImperiale in Poggibonsi
and is currently Scientific Director of the project. His research has led to the experimentation of new and innovative ways of communicating archaeological content to a wider audience, using ‘living history’ methods.

He is president of Archeòtipos.r.l., a Siena University spin-off company whose members are allarchaeologists and engaged in the field of cultural heritage for almost 20 years.

Both Archaeodrome and the PoggioImperialeMedicean Fortress Parkin Poggibonsi are managed by Archeòtipo. The company prioritizes and specializes in cultural communications, education and tourism.
Archeòtipo runs cognitive courses that aim to bring the past to life. Participants get to experience firsthand the daily habits, work, clothes and food of ancient times. This kind of experience allows both children and adults to truly understand history, and makes a complex subject appealing to all.