The Esagono di Afrodite (Aphrodites’ Hexagon)is an organic farm wich has apicolture as the main occupation. From the looked after honeycombs many varieties of honey are extracted. The products recall of the surrounding nature through the colors of gold, amber, chestnut and the soft summery straw, and the hillslopes covered by a warm light.
The traditionality of the production techniques is very close to the new knoledges and laws that control the organic food area, and brings to the creation of genuine and authentic nectars that carrie all those properties owed just by a well-controlled product.
Dedicate yourself with serenity to the always new discover of the classical honey “Millefiori”, or allow yourself to taste the surprise of a more particular honey such as the one made with medical herbs. Find your favorite one during the degustation and than ask the produtor’s advice for the perfect Pecorino cheese to link the honey to: as Tuscans know, nothing is better than honey&pecorino!