From whichever direction you arrive, San Gimignano stands out against the horizon thanks to its towers that perch on a 350 m high hilltop. It is believed that in the 14th century the town was home to 72 towers – one for each affluent family who wanted to show off their wealth. Nowadays the are 13 towers left, and you are going to discover them all.

In the Middle Ages, towers were the ultimate symbol of power, especially as the construction process was by no means simple or cheap. Raw materials had to be sourced and then brought to the city, after which time the building work could begin. Only the wealthiest merchants and money-lenders could afford to build their own family tower.

Bruno Squartini will lead you around each tower and use his expertise to explain the stories, lifestyle, décor and tools that would have been at home on each of the 12 floors, right up to the panoramic terrace. A centuries-old atmosphere will come to life as you see how rich merchants used to live in San Gimignano.