Agriculture is often thought of as a traditional activity, even retro, while it is the greatest innovation known to mankind. Agriculture freed us from being nomadic hunter gatherers and led to the growth of settlements and villages.

La Mattonaia is a project that aims to highlight the innovative and social role of agriculture in a modern setting. Farming becomes way of learning and a kind of therapy, not to mention a job opportunity for the underprivileged. As well as a commitment toquality produce, La Mattonaia also aims to be civilized and sustainable on all levels. We invite you to come along to this special place where traditional farming practices mix with therapeutic, educational and socio-educational activities for disabled people. We believe that we need to start with the earth to grow both plants and values. A visit to La Mattonaia is a 360° experience, where you can experience farm activities and get to know each person and the role they play in the farm’s social ecosystem.

We are open to the public from May to September and advise wearing comfortable clothing. Bringyour camera and your ideas!