Radicondoli is the perfect place to enjoy gently rolling hills, woodlands and the unspoiled simplicity of the Tuscan countryside. Leave your car behind, slow down and spend a day on horse-back wandering through woods and along river banks. We will take you down bridleways known only to the local inhabitants on horses reared in the most natural way possible, and with a packed lunch of 100% local produce. Here are two horse-back routes you can take from FattoriaTègoni:

Capannodei Partigiani: this is the ideal trail to enjoy a full day on horse-backsurrounded by nature. Thisride brings you through the Carline Woodland, a protected nature reserve full of ancient oak trees. If you’re lucky you might even spot a few of the wild animals that live in the woods. Lunch is a picnic at Capannodei Partigiani (after 2.5 hours riding) with cold cuts from our farm, organic cheese, cold dishes, omelet, sauces, dessert, coffee and wine.

Rocca Sillana: this is a full day ride of enormous natural and historical interest. We leave in the morning from Tègoni Farm and ride 1.5 hours to the river. If you and your horse need to cool off, then why not take a dip in the river? Lunch is a picnic on the river bank including cured meats from our farm, organic cheese, cold dishes, omelet, dessert and coffee. Then we continue towards the Rocca (an ancient fortification) where there is a breathtaking view acrossthe Tuscan countryside.